Nate Vanderschaaf grew up in Michigan, but in 2000, moved back to Colorado, where he had lived as a young child. An engineer by trade, he is committed to solving our nation’s energy and environment issues through technology. Nate owns a rare all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV and is hosting the Electric Vehicle Rolling Showcase at the New Energy Station during convention week. Nate looks forward to giving our convention guests rides in Electric SUVs, Pickups, Sports Cars, and Plug-In hybrids here in Denver. He feels that Electric Vehicles are the only logical pathway to clean air, energy independence, and freedom from high gas prices. Nate, a Longmont resident, only recently became politically involved; inspired by Obama’s message of Hope and Change, he feels it is time for all citizens to become involved in government in order to make a difference for the next generation.


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  1. Hello- Sounds very cool. Where will you be showcasing the cars?

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